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AEQ Upgrades Forum and Capitol

Has added a host of new features to its Forum IP and Capitol IP consoles

AEQ has added a host of new features to its Forum IP and Capitol IP consoles.

The company says its split version of Forum IP extends the capacity of the console to up to six modules of four faders and a monitoring module. The control surface has been detached from the audio I/O frame that is now a 3RU audio engine.

In addition, for both the Capitol IP and Forum IP, AEQ has implemented a configurable “full throw fader,” which users can set at the 100 percent position for 0 dB nominal instead of the standard 80 percent position generally available.

Both desks now also feature a programmable key function, allowing users to reduce studio monitor gain (-10/-15/-20 dB), instead of muting it. The company says this is particularly useful when working in studios with an audience.

Other upgrades include a programmable “Autocue” key function available for both consoles. Autocue lets operators manage the cue buttons as “solo” or exclusive, as opposed to using the typical summing mode.