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AETA Adds Double Streaming Feature

Corrects packet loss and provides redundancy for AoIP connections

AETA Audio Systems’ new “Double Streaming” feature is now available for AETA codecs via a simple software update.

The system, designed to correct packet loss issues and improve the robustness of an AoIP connection, is made up of two simultaneous SIP links configured to run on separate paths, with the second link transporting a copy of the main audio stream. 

Users can select a specific interface on each codec for the two AoIP connections to create two independent paths, where possible losses are not correlated. The codec then subsequently receives the two identical streams and recombines them, discarding duplicates.

The system, which runs on SIP architecture and is compatible with any SIP server, also lets users create links without a SIP server.

Double Streaming is now available for AETA’s ScoopTeam (v1.05 minimum); Scoopy+ S (v1.11 minimum); Scoop5 S and Scoop5 S-IP (v1.11 minimum); and μScoop (v1.07 minimum).

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To use the Double Streaming feature with the SIP protocol, the device must have two SIP accounts. AETA codecs will now be provided with two free factory SIP accounts.

For units already in use, customers can utilize a Premium SIP account or contact an AETA distributor. For information on the Double Streaming feature click here.