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AETA Adopts HD Voice

NAB Sneak Peek: New voice codec upgrades phone call sound

AETA will make a big push at the NAB Show in promoting HD Voice technology, an improved voice codec for phone calls.

According to AETA, HD Voice (G.722.2) provides 7 kHz (50 Hz–7 kHz) of audio bandwidth while standard voice codecs use 3.1 kHz (300 Hz–3.4 kHz).

Using that technology is a new AETA product, the ScoopFone HD. It is a portable codec designed for low-cost remotes and immediate on-the-spot broadcasts from reporters.

The company adds that it also performs well in TV wireless coordination and any live long distance communication where professional quality is needed.

ScoopFone HD offers broadcasters features like an OLED display, a simple and friendly user interface, onboard mixing capability for the two inputs (mic and line), 48V phantom power, two antenna ports for transmission diversity, two headphone jack sockets, a cough key, USB port and an easily accessible SIM card slot.

Three ScoopFones can fit into one rack space. It has an internal battery but also operates on six AA batteries.

NAB Show Booth: C2953