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AirSleuth Finds the Dead Air

Kaltman delves further into Wi-Fi network analysis

Equipment maker Kaltman Creations has added another signal measurement system to its growing lineup of RF analyzers. The AirSleuth Pro Bundle V2 is a computer-based Wi-Fi network analysis system.

The package includes the AirSleuth Pro Wi-Fi Analyzer and the AirHorn, an 11-channel Wi-Fi signal generator.

Kaltman Creations President Mark Kaltman said: “Network managers often rely on blind faith when it comes to the set-up and performance of their wireless networks. The AirSleuth Pro Bundle V2 takes the mystery and guesswork out of the equation.”

The bundle examines Wi-Fi Channels 1 though 11 (2.4 GHz), individually or simultaneously, in Peak, Average or Raw tracings. Its diagnostic modes include Traces, Spectrogram, Differential Channels and Pie Chart.