AKG C 214: More Than Half of a C414

A 'budget-friendly alternative'
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A facilitator of many hit records, a denizen of broadcast studios in past decades, the AKG 414 is a familiar part of the microphone landscape.

AKG this year moved to offer the 414 in a more affordable version. Though looking much the same as the recognizable C 414, the C 214 is a cardioid-only mic with a single diaphragm. A 20 dB pad will keep even the loudest screamers under control. Internal shock mounting should dampen handling noise. It retails for $649.

Thomas Stubics, product manager at AKG, said the evolution of the C 414 has been accepted by recording studios, broadcast stations and live sound engineers. He called the new model a budget-friendly alternative. "Because the C 214 uses the same one-inch diaphragm as the C 414, the essence of that heralded sound has been captured in this newest model."


Editorial: More Than Half Full

Overall, it has become clear to us that radio’s health and growth do not rely on any one tool or platform but rather on a willingness to be flexible, to try something new and not be afraid to fail at one project and then try another.