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AKG Releases New Headphones

K812 is aimed at the high end

There’s no debate that AKG has been a major player in the headphone market for decades. The latest is the K812.

The K812s are an open back design with a 53 millimeter transducer with a 1.5 Tesla magnet in each earcup.

It is not a foldable design but the ear pads are replaceable. The detachable cable is three meters (app. 9 feet).

It boasts a “frequency range” of 5 Hz “up to 54 kHz is guaranteed.” Impedance is 36 ohms.

Director of Marketing and Product Development for AKG, Kent Iverson, said: “K812 is the result of an intensive five-year research and development program to achieve, as near as possible, the perfect headphone. The level of technology and engineering invested in K812 exceeds the industry standard, resulting in truly the best sounding headphones AKG has ever released.” Price: $1,499.