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AKG Shows HSC and HSD Headsets

Dynamic and condenser mics available

Mic and headphone maker AKG also has a new line of headsets available, HSC and HSD lines.

The HSC line makes use of condenser microphones while the HSD line uses dynamic mics.

Beyond the mics, the lines share the same parts and same closed-back design. The 271 models are circumaural while the 171 is supraaural. The cable is detachable and replaceable.

The boom is flexible and auto-mutes when raised into a vertical position. The mic booms can be moved 270 degrees to affect either a right or left side placement. The mics are shockmounted.

A selection of cables and connectors are available — 1/8-inch, 1/4-inch or XLR. Prices: HSC/HSD 171 — $229; HSC/HSD — $249.