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Alert FM Aids in Bad Weather

User Report: County official says system did its job when F1 tornado touched down

The author is EMA director for Decatur County, Tenn.

DECATURVILLE, Tenn. — Since 2009, Alert FM has been a vital part of the emergency notification system here in Decatur County.

The county is rural with limited communication coverage; however, the Alert FM coverage has been tremendous. Because Alert FM delivers messages via the data subcarrier of local FM radio stations, it allows me to communicate with parts of my county that previously had been outside my communication range. For me to able to reach these rural parts is a great improvement from years ago.

We primarily use Alert FM for weather alerts but also use it to send for local information including school system notifications, highway and road closures, emergency responder training messages and public notification of shelter and emergency POD (point of distribution) locations. In fact, recent weather conditions affirmed Alert FM use in the county.

Last spring, when an F1 tornado touched down near Bible’s Hill, I was able to use Alert FM to keep my residents and businesses advised of the path of the storm, when and how to take shelter, and what assistance was available after the storm dissipated.

During the recent snowstorms that moved across Tennessee in December, January and February, I was also able to use the system to keep my residents aware of vital information, such as school closures and road conditions. Residents were able to receive this important information on Alert FM receivers.

Over the last two years, we have managed to equip schools, day care centers, hospitals, nursing homes and government buildings with Alert FM receivers.

Global Security Systems also established a local retailer who sells receivers to the general public to place in their homes and offices. Having a local retailer has allowed Alert FM to grow in the community by helping residents and businesses take advantage of this excellent communication tool.

Decatur County is proud to use Alert FM for is emergency notification needs. It works great as a communication path between me and my residents and businesses. Global Security Systems provides us with excellent coverage, message delivery, customer service and training. With no operating cost Alert FM has been the most cost-effective notification system that the county utilizes.

For information, contact Jim Lowery at Global Security Systems in Mississippi at (601) 709-4240 or visit

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