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Ampegon Offers Folded Monopole MW Antenna

Features new design concept and optimized antenna structure, says firm

Ampegon says its new folded monopole 50 kW antenna system features a “new design concept and optimized antenna structure.”

Fully grounded and not requiring a base insulator for antenna placement, the new system streamlines antenna setup, explains Ampegon, simplifying maintenance of components and auxiliary systems.

For example, says the company, no isolated energy transformer is required to power the air obstruction light since a light is supplied directly with the antenna structure.

Constructed as a single unit, the folded monopole antenna comprises a mast and a radiating element. The guy ropes supporting the mast are each divided by a single insulator. The upper section forms the “antenna cage,” which is connected to the mast on one side, and by ropes to the insulated feed point at the base of the antenna.

As a result, says Ampegon, all parts of the steel structure and ropes are fully grounded, which eliminates the risk of “floating” and means there is no electrostatic discharge or flashover.

A minimum number of advanced insulators (featuring silicon protection and able to handle extreme environmental conditions) are installed, thus maintenance requirements are simplified and minimized, says the firm.