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Amphenol Reads Dante

Connector company develops Dante adapters

Audio connector company Amphenol has announced the development of analog XLR-Dante adapters.

Called Amphe-Dante, the connectors provide for the connection of analog equipment such as amps, mixers, processors, et al, to Dante digital networks to receive signals from that network.

The connectors are available in single- and dual-XLR (shown) connections. The Dante end has an RJ-45 connector.

A release adds, “Importantly, its unique cable dongle housing design is a world-first for Dante-enabled products, allowing systems integrators to mount the adapter without the costs and labor of additional rack or shelf space.”

Lee Ellison, CEO of Dante developer Audinate noted, “Affordable solutions that allow analog products to connect to a Dante network are an important piece of the audio networking ecosystem, and the Amphe-Dante products do just that.”