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Anritsu Analyzer Targets NRSC Requirements

Spectrum Master with option 709 is a handheld solution

Anritsu Co. said its MS2720T Spectrum Master handheld spectrum analyzer complies with National Radio Systems Committee requirements for conducting AM and FM broadcast measurements when it is equipped with option 709, which provides frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 9 GHz.

The company said the MS2720T “is capable of conducting AM and FM broadcast-proofing measurements, and gives field engineers and technicians greater confidence that their measurements are in compliance.” It says the product is the only handheld spectrum analyzer with the necessary phase noise and dynamic range.

Measurements that can be made include broadcast transmission, IBOC, RF harmonics, noise sideband and field strength. Features include an 8.4-inch touchscreen user interface, and shortcut buttons for any menu button or file, making it possible for a setup file to be recalled easily.

Software allows measurements to be downloaded to a PC. The company said this capability allows reports to be generated and printed to comply with FCC filing regulations and permits measurements to be stored for record-keeping.