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A.N.T. Exhibits Garda System

A.N.T. Exhibits Garda System

A.N.T. Antenna Nord Telecomunicazioni produces remote control and monitoring equipment including the new Garda system. The company touts it for its simplicity and versatility.
It can be interfaced with the gear of major equipment manufacturers; and connected directly, or through the ANT130 protocol bridge to all types of equipment with a serial communication interface, including transmitters and test equipment.
The company will offer live demos of the ANT130, which translates any known site equipment protocol into the company’s ANTLAN protocol so it can be connected to an ANT control system. The stand-alone hardware module can be field-programmed and configured. Input from equipment can be RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 and Ethernet; protocol drivers can be downloaded from the company Web site.
Also to be shown, the ANT131 is an RF power meter in a compact box. It is a power meter for analog and digital applications, with a dynamic span ranging from –50 to +33 dBm (using built-in attenuators). Frequencies range from 5 MHz to 3 GHz. Power can be read from the sensor in three ways: visual reading with seven-segment displays, RS-485 (ANTLAN protocol, SNMP upon request) and 0–5V output proportional to power. The sensor can be set as a standalone device; it will alarm (open collector output) when a set point is hit.
Booth: C-139