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AP Tests for Car Radios

New system includes provision for RDS stream reception by radio head ends

Audio Precision, an audio test equipment maker, is debuting a car radio test system.

The new system works with AP’s APx526 testing platform and APx LabVIEW software. It will monitor RDS stream reception by automotive radio head ends. Use of the system is expected to be at automotive radio manufacturers and installers.

Also new from AP is the APx Digital Serial I/O. The new optional multichannel input/output interface allows users to test audio equipment at the more detailed IC level rather than the composite inputs and outputs. The Digital Serial I/O is for measuring audio embedded within the HDMI stream. It will also work with digital audio converters, codecs and DSPs.

AP’s High Speed Tester (HST) for the 2700 testing platform and ATS-2 audio analyzer is the recipient of an update package. Version 2.0 will demonstrate HST usage with a consumer receiver. The HST application measures broadcast signals thoughout the broadcast chain. Measurements include crosstalk, distortion, interchannel phase, frequency response, output and DC offset and then compares those measurements to given parameters.

The company expects interest from HDMI chip developers.

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