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APT Debuts SureStreamer

Radio Show launch for new codec helper

This article has been modified to reflect that the SureStreamer is not in itself a codec.

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WorldCast Systems’ codec arm, APT, is debuting a codec helper at the Radio Show in Indianapolis, later this month.



is a dual-stream IP streaming box based on the company’s SureStream stream redundancy technology. It is designed to take legacy codecs, duplicate and process the stream and then stream the dual signals across the Internet using APT’s SureStream technology. A SureStreamer at the receiving end reassembles the stream. The SureStreamer can also utilize multiple paths onto the Internet.

A release says, “Using either two separate wired Internet connections or one wired, one wireless (i.e. DSL plus 3G/4G), the APT SureStreamer allows the broadcaster to send the same audio content over divergent paths for increased redundancy. In addition, the highly sophisticated stream generation and resequencing engine of SureStream further increases the robustness and reliability of the connection.”

Vice President Sales and Marketing for WorldCast Systems Christophe Poulain said, “We are now offering those with existing IP audio links the opportunity to benefit from the very latest technology without the need to invest in completely new hardware.”