APT Oslo Shrinks

One RU model squeezes in 16 channels
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Codec maker APT is making further use of its Oslo IP codec module by developing a 1RU frame for it. It is called simply the 1U Oslo.

The new arrangement mounts the modules in a horizontal configuration to provide for up to 16 channels (i.e. four modules) in one rack space. The unit is powered with two power supplies and the modules are hot-swappable.

The modules also support APT’s SureStream IP audio error-correction and stream redundancy technology. A starting price is $4,100 (for a unit with one dual stereo pair module).

Kevin Campbell, Sales Director for APT stated, “For broadcasters without the available space or budgets of the major networks, the 1U Oslo offers a cost-effective and compact codec platform for … IP audio distribution. 


APT Brings Video to Oslo

A new direction for the codec maker, the module aims to serve broadcasters who want to combine video with audio and data payloads