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A-T Plays Around With X-Y

NAB Sneak Peek

Microphone maker Audio-Technica is bringing several new microphones to Nevada for the spring NAB.

The most interesting of the lot should be the AT2022, an X-Y mic. This model uses a pair of condenser capsules mounted on branches to give the capsules a slightly wider setting than usual. The capsules also can be swiveled to shrink the spread (90 degrees) or widen it (120 degrees) further. Battery operation allows flexibility in usage. Retail price is $439.

Also new is the BP893, an omnidirectional condenser headworn microphone that is part of the MicroEarset line. The 893 mounts mostly over the ear.

The ES963 is a new boundary mic. It uses three condenser elements in a circular housing. Each element can be turned on or off for flexibility in configuring the pattern. Internal controls also aid in pattern formation allowing everything from cardioid to omni.

Finally, A-T is showing a new wireless mic system line, the SpectraPulse. SpectraPulse utilizes Ultra Wideband technology to pick around crowded RF frequencies. Up to 14 channels can be operated simultaneously.
NAB Show Booth: C1717