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ATC Labs Offers Streaming

Company offers complete web streaming packages for broadcasters

Soft codec and signal processing software developer ATC Labs has developed complete web audio streaming packages for the broadcaster and webcaster.

Called the Q24 SoundMax Internet Streaming Package, it consists of a 24-band processor and an audio encoder for AAC+ or MP3 streaming with up to 200 streams available. Packages are available for 32 kbps, 64 kbps and 128 kbps.

ATC can also provide the cloud-based content delivery network with storage and stream distribution for users as an option or it can work with independent Shoutcast or Icecast servers. ATC can also provide the embedded user’s client player as well.

ATC Labs Founder Dr. Deepen Sinha said, “Now all broadcasters, large or small, can make an easy and cost effective decision to stream their audio content.”