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ATC Shows Three-Way Speaker

SCM25A puts three drivers and amps into a small package

If you were an audio gear-crazed kid in the 1970s and 1980s you saw many items that you dearly wanted but knew you could never afford in magazines such as Stereophile; things like $7,500 tube50 W monobloc amps (monobloc meant you needed to buy another to play stereo), $5,000 Mark Levinson or Cello rackmount equipment, $8,000 “turntables” that had vacuum cleaners attached (and that didn’t include the required $1,000 “needle”) and everyone’s favorites, $10,000 “exotic” speakers that were said to be capable of reproducing the breathing of a butterfly. If only …

For many radio facilities, perhaps this item will fall in that category. For real high-end users and specialty studios, though, maybe not. From England comes the ATC SCM25A, a three-way, tri-amped compact speaker squeaking in at just under $10K. The SCM25A features a 7-inch woofer, 3-inch mid-range driver and 1-inch silk dome tweeter. Onboard are 150 W, 50 W and 25 W amps driving the drivers, respectively.

Jest as we might, ATC does sell speakers and they don’t get many returned. Price? Try $9,500 but that is per pair and you won’t have to buy amps either!

Transaudio Group carries the line and has a company profile.