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Audemat Adds AM HD Radio to Navigator HD

Also will show Relio with new version of Scripteasy V2.

(click thumbnail)The Audemat Navigator HD mobile meter now offers HD Radio AM coverage capability.

The unit includes a GPS receiver and enables automatic overlay of FM and AM IBOC reception on Google Earth or other mapping software.

Also new, the company will show the Relio transmitter remote control system with a new version of Scripteasy V2 software.

Relio has 64 digital inputs, 64 digital outputs and 24 analog inputs for telemetry. It includes Web connectivity and a PSTN modem with DTMF/Voice interface. The Scripteasy V2 software includes new features such as SNMP GET/SET commands and PING commands. Also new is an API for the Harris Z series transmitters, which enables the monitoring and control of transmitters with a serial connection.

And Audemat will exhibit an FM backup package that includes an Ecreso Next FM and a 500 W or 1 kW ECRESO FM transmitter.

The Next FM features a two- or four-band FM digital audio processor with RDS and stereo generator as well as a 20W FM exciter. It includes a hard drive for audio storage and the capability to stream the audio via IP. The package integrates a 3G CDMA/GSM modem for remote control. The 500W version with NEXT FM fits in a 6U fly case while the 1KW needs a 9U fly case.

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