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Audemat Digiplexer 246 Is an ‘All in One’ Box

It includes backup audio-over-IP capabilities.

(click thumbnail)Audemat describes its new Digiplexer 246 audio processor as “Radio All-in-One.”

With audio backup and optional FM exciter, the 3U unit comes in two-, four-and six-band versions. It includes backup audio-over-IP capabilities, RDS and stereo generators, transmitter remote control capabilities and an optional FM exciter of 20 or 100 watts.

Highlights include an optional 16 digital inputs and eight relay control outputs for remote control; and version 2 of Scripteasy graphic control software, which has added the Masterview viewer for creation of multiple “views” where users can see information from and control remote equipment over a network connection.

Additionally, there are three levels of audio backup with user-defined timing and crossfades. If digital audio fails, the unit switches to the analog input. If digital and analog fail, it can source audio from a Web stream. If those options fail, it can play audio stored on the internal hard drive.

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