Audemat-Aztec Shows Goldeneagle, Navigator HD Monitors

Audemat-Aztec Shows Goldeneagle, Navigator HD Monitors
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Audemat-Aztec will feature its Goldeneagle HD at the NAB Radio Show. This is an HD receiver that monitors in real time the quality and continuity of several FM and/or AM and HD programs and notifies the appropriate person of any problem by sending an alarm. It can be installed at the studio, at the transmitter site or in a reception area.
Goldeneagle HD monitors the time and level alignment between analog and digital paths. Features include spectrum analyzer, audio streaming, automatic scanning, measurement analysis and storage. Additionally, it can decode and monitor SPS, and features remote control.
The company says the frequency agile Navigator HD is useful for field surveys and on-site/studio monitoring of a station's complete FM and HD signal. The unit combines an FM monitor, an HD monitor and a GPS receiver. Readings can be exported into MapPoint from Microsoft in order to display the HD service area.
Navigator HD also measures the time and level alignment between the analog and digital paths, and can decode and monitor SPS.
Audemat-Aztec is in Booth 116.
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Audemat-Aztec Adds Broadcast Manager

Audemat-Aztec will demonstrate Broadcast Manager software that centralizes management of GoldenEagle HD and the company’s transmitter remote control units, IP2Choice and Silver Remote Control.