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Audio Precision Announces APx515

New tester to be more affordable

Test and measurement equipment maker Audio Precision has announced the expected release of the APx515.

The APx515 is suitable for production line work where fast turnaround is required. According to AP, the APx515 should perform tests in as fast as three seconds with a top-of-the-line High-Speed Test option. Other features are also designed for efficient production line testing and analysis.

The two-channel APx515 also shares many of the features of the APx525 but its less stringent performance (–109 dB compared to –100 dB THD+N for the APx525) allows it to be more affordable. Performance is still expected to be high with 24-bit FFT processing and 192 kHz sample rates.

The APx515 is expected to ship in August. Pricing is expected to start at $6,200.