Audioarts Debuts I/O Center; Wheatstone to Feature Generation Line

Audioarts Debuts I/O Center; Wheatstone to Feature Generation Line
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Audioarts Engineering says it will debut its Input/Output Center, which provides point-to-point connection for up to 48 studios and features 16x16 stereo per switcher.
The 2RU unit accepts and outputs analog and digital signals and combines 24 logic ports with multiple I/O centers, which can be linked through an AE Net router to build a 256x256 mixed signal matrix.
Highlights include remote monitoring and control, a de-esser, tunable filters and notch and analog mic or line inputs. The Audioarts I/O Center works with AE Net and Net 75 panels.
Additional Audioarts products will include A-Line Furniture, D-75 digital audio console, N-75 network module and the AE Net router.
Sister company Wheatstone plans to demonstrate networkable surfaces and routers, including Generation-6, -7 and -3 control surfaces. It also will show the Wheatnet 4864 central switch and the Bridge router with AoIP and automation interface. Wheatstone will debut a GPC guest panel system and display the Vorsis AP3 line of digital signal processors, which debuted this year.
Wheatstone will be in booth 311 at the NAB Radio Show.
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