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Audioarts Introduces Air-4

Radio console gets more mic preamps

Audioarts Engineering will come to the NAB Show this month showing off a new member of its Air radio console series.

The Air-4 adds more mic preamps, for a total of four.

“This allows the use of a host microphone and three guest microphones with the Air-4 without the use of any external mic preamps,” parent company Wheatstone stated.

Features include remote start logic for each fader, dual program busses with balanced outputs and USB connectivity. The console has 12 faders plus a phone fader for use with a hybrid. Automatic mix-minus is provided. Audio connections are via RJ-45s to keep wiring affordable and simple, Audioarts states.

The USB connection is patchable to any input fader, and internally DIP-switchable to send from either program bus. This lets the Air-4 interface with a desktop computer for news and music sweetening functions, or for streaming of audio mixes from and to the console.

NAB Show Booth: C2615