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AudioPrecision APx500 Software Upgraded

Version 4.0 offers new look

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Audio analyzer maker AudioPrecision says Version 4.0 software for the APx500 series is now available for download.

The company says that Version 4.0 offers a whole new GUI for the analyzer. Other new highlights: Bench Mode for 2700-style flexibility and real-time interaction; it enables 16-channel ASIO support for the APx515 (requires option SWB-2); allows use of the DCX-127 Multifunction Module with APx analyzers; jitter generation and measurement plus sync, trigger and DARS reference features (requires Advanced Master Clock [AMC] module); and introduces new measurements to Sequence Mode, including level ratio, jitter frequency sweep and jitter level sweep (latter two require AMC module).

The new version enables fruitful sharing of projects. “All settings for a test are saved in a single project file, making it easy to replicate test setups between R&D and production facilities anywhere in the world. Project files are compatible with all APx instruments and each project is self-contained, so there’s never any worry about dependencies or broken links. Users can even embed waveform files and images within a project file,” the company says.

Reports can be exported as PDF, HTML, Excel or text files.

One note of negativity is that due to the use of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, the new software does not properly work with Windows XP computers.

Version 4.0 can be downloaded