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AudioScience ASI2416 Extends CobraNet Functionality

AudioScience ASI2416 Extends CobraNet Functionality

AudioScience will display ASI2416, a modular CobraNet audio interface in a 1U rackmount format that can be populated with four function-specific modules, allowing up to 32 channels of analog or AES/EBU I/O, and up to 64 relay-based GPIO outputs and 64 opto-isolated inputs.
Each module has an interchangeable connector that may be configured with a pluggable terminal block, StudioHub or a standard 50-pin Centronics connector interface compatible with AudioScience sound cards.
The ASI2416 features 16 channels of CobraNet I/O and a Texas Instruments 32-bit floating point DSP that enables switching/mixing and features such as tone decoding. A graphics display on the front shows peak meters and network status.
The ASI2416 can be part of a facility-wide CobraNet audio network or may be operated in a tethered mode, where it is connected directly to an ASI6416 CobraNet sound card with an Ethernet crossover cable. In this mode, the features of the ASI2416 become an extension of the ASI6416, allowing it to be used with automation applications.
AudioScience is in Booth 118.
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