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Audio-Technica Adds Headset, New Mics

BPHS1 features boom-mounted microphone

Microphone and headphone maker Audio-Technica recently debuted a number of new products, several of which could be of interest to radio broadcasters.

A new headset is the BPHS1. It features a dynamic boom-mounted mic. The padded earcups are circumaural for maximum sound isolation. The boom mic can be placed on either side of the mouth. Retail is $279.

On the microphone front, the AT4047MP is a multipattern spin on the 4047/SV condenser side-address microphone. Available patterns are omni, cardioids and figure eight. Retail is $1,055.

The AT4050 condenser has its own modification, the AT4050ST, a stereo version retailing for $1,625. In a departure from previous A-T work, two ribbons are available in the A-T mic cabinet.

The AT4080 and AT4081 are both ribbon mics but opposite in applications. The 4080 ($1,245) imitates standard studio side-address cardioids while the 4081 ($895) is of a more specialized stereo-pencil microphone design.