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Aussie DAB+ Stations Get Online Preview

Koffee, Novanation give listeners a taste of what new sounds will come with digital radio Down Under

dmg Radio Australia is moving ahead with DAB+ Down Under. The broadcast group is previewing online the two new brands for its digital marquee: Novanation and Koffee.

The new stations will join simulcasts of three existing dmg analog stations — Nova, Vega and FIVEaa — on the national digital radio network when it launches in May.

Novanation is an all dance station featuring top DJs spinning electro, techno, drum n bass, house, trance, remixes and other styles of dance music. Koffee is being billed as a “mood and lifestyle-driven brand that plays music to encourage listeners to find time to chill.”

The stations will appear on the DAB+ multiplexes in Sydney, New South Wales; Melbourne, Victoria; and Adelaide, South Australia; and eventually going nationwide. dmg is also streaming the channels online using aacPlus encoding, and an iPhone and iPod Touch application is available.

The Koffee and Novanation Web sites are designed to encourage user interactivity by soliciting listener photos and commentary.

Dean Buchanan, group program director for dmg Radio Australia, stated, “We’re really excited about being about to connect and interact with people beyond FM radio. Our new DAB+, online and mobile offerings enable us to do that and together these mediums open up a powerful and exciting listener generated future.”

The online launch of Koffee and Novanation coincides with the start of a national “digital radio awareness” campaign. Ads promoting digital radio are airing on all commercial radio stations and in 65 languages on public-service broadcaster SBS radio in the state capitals where DAB+ will be implemented first.

In addition to on-air spots, the campaign is putting banner ads on station Web sites and many retail partner sites, linking back to the Digital Radio Plus site operated by Commercial Radio Australia.