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AVT Puts Focus on IP

Range of Magic products feature SIP functions, AES67 compatibility, more

German company AVT offers a range of VoIP and AoIP products.

The firm’s telephone hybrids, which include the one-line Magic TH1 Go and the 16-line Magic THipPro are equipped with Ethernet interfaces for VoIP applications with SIP. Each system also supports VoIP transmission in local networks and VLAN.

The company is also integrating a Dante interface to the Magic THipPro to allow for an AES67-compatible connection to a mixing console via LAN and expects this feature to be available in the next few months.

For applications where higher audio quality is required, AVT’s audio codecs Magic AC1 XIP and the new Magic ACip3 promise N/ACIP-standard AoIP transmissions over LAN lines or SIP connections.

The Magic ACip3 IP audio codec can transmit two stereo audio signals from one hardware box. One of the product’s main benefits, explains AVT, is the possibility to use it in parallel with MPEG, Opus or aptX codecs in G.722 quality.

AVT also offers POTS and ISDN telephone hybrids that can later be upgraded on to VoIP simply via software upgrade.