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Award Winner: Omnia Audio Omnia.11 FM Audio Processor

Smooth, rich tonality and a huge touchscreen are prominent characteristics

Photo by Jim Peck
Radio World this month profiles the recipients of our 2010 “Cool Stuff” Award.

“Smooth, rich tonality” is the promise made for the new Omnia.11, which its designers call a “complete re-think of broadcast processing to restore the quality and cleanliness to a station’s sound that’s often lost when ultimate loudness is the end goal.”

The signature Omnia sound is present but each stage of processing, as well as the hardware platform, are new.

Chameleon Processing analyzes music in real time, adjusting the AGC, compressors and limiters based upon content density to reveal detail, clarity and quality, maintaining the desired loudness “without over-processing modern squashed source material.” A new clipper suppresses harmonic and IM distortion.

The big (10-1/2 inch) screen is not just a display but a touchscreen color GUI that provides access to enhanced metering and diagnostics.

Remote access is via Web browser on a laptop or iPad. An optional built-in Arbitron PPM encoder and confidence monitor is available.

Frank Foti and Cornelius Gould are shown.

Price: $12,995
Shipping: Third quarter
Info: (216) 241-7225 or