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Award-Winner: Kintronic Labs Express Radio Transmission System

Radio in a (special) box

Radio World this month profiles the recipients of our 2010 “Cool Stuff” Award.

Tom King and his team in Bristol, Tenn., took home the gold for their new Express Radio package, which aims to reduce your capital expenditures for FM and AM systems, allow rapid installation and customization, and reduce operating expenses.

The system does away with buried line to the antenna and maybe even a transmitter building. Your specified equipment can be integrated into the rack and will be pre-wired.

Typical equipment includes main and/or aux transmitters up to 10 kW, audio processing, STL, remote control, satellite receivers, Internet service router, dummy load and, for AMs, an antenna tuning unit.

Systems are in an outdoor weatherproof aluminum enclosure that is nifty all on its own, incorporating adjustable-depth rack space, sun shield, magnetic door sensors, pad or wall/pole mounting options and neat options like generator hookup, laptop shelf and a secondary walk-in enclosure to let you work on the gear in bad weather.

Shown from left: Dr. Bobby Cox, Tom King, Eric Miramontes, Jim Moser.

Price: Varies; system shown was $65,000 including Nautel Jazz 1 kW transmitter, Kintronic ATU and dummy load, Omnia One AM processor, Burk remote control and Moseley STL receiver
Shipping: June
Info: Eric Miramontes, (423) 878-3141, [email protected],