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Award-Winner: Nautel Asymmetrical Sideband Technology

Promises 'marked increase' in digital power output

Photo by Jim Peck
Radio World this month profiles the recipients of our 2010 “Cool Stuff” Award.

Why are only half of the folks in the photo holding up their hands? Because the group is asymmetrical!

Asymmetrical Sideband Technology comprises a suite of proprietary algorithms that permit broadcasters to address adjacent-channel interference by accommodating the full –10 dBc HD Radio signal on one sideband while keeping the other sideband at more conservative –14 dBc injection levels.

“Asymmetrical Sideband technology (subject to FCC approval) is a capability of Nautel’s HD PowerBoost suite of technologies that can provide a marked increase in power output (up to 30 percent improvement) and up to 7 percent gains in transmitter efficiency in HD Hybrid transmission modes,” the company says, and the “Cool Stuff” judges were impressed.

Front, from left: John Whyte, Gary Liebisch, Wendell Lonergan, Peter Conlon, Gerardo Vargas, Tim Hardy. Back: Ellis Terry, Jeff Welton, John Bisset, Nelson Bohorquez, Hal Kneller, NV20, Philipp Schmid, Chuck Kelly, Kevin Rodgers, Gary Manteuffel.

Price: HD-PowerBoost LP for 3.5 to 15 kW NV Series transmitters starts at $6,000; HD-PowerBoost HP for 20 to 40 kW NV Series Transmitters starts at $12,000
Shipping: Third quarter
Info: Chuck Kelly, [email protected], (902) 823-5151,