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Award-Winner: RCS iPush App for NexGen Digital

Use your iPhone with the NexGen Digital system

Photo by Jim Peck
Radio World this month profiles the recipients of our 2010 “Cool Stuff” Award.

Use your iPhone with the NexGen Digital system. This app allows the user to record one or more news reports or remote inserts and send them to NexGen Digital via an integrated version of WANcasting. The audio transfers into the system for playback on the air.

“With RCS iPush you can leave your bulky recording equipment at the studio and still capture events,” the company notes. Just “iPush” your recordings directly into the automation system’s library.

It works with your iPhone or second-generation or newer iPod Touch; and it is compatible with the phone’s microphone, or you can upgrade to higher-quality third party microphones.

That’s Neal Perchuk and Dwight Douglas, iCelebrating.

Price: Free for NexGen Digital Customers on Version 2.9 or newer
Shipping: Now
Info: (914) 428-4600 or