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Award-Winner: Wheatstone E-1 Digital Audio Control Surface

The surface and associated Wheatnet Audio Console Blade provide networked control, mixing and I/O for small to mid-sized studios

Photo by Bob Kovacs
Radio World this month profiles the recipients of our 2010 “Cool Stuff” Award.

Wheatstone has packed a great deal of its high-end console engineering into this new, affordable, compact surface.

For what you could easily spend on just a standalone analog board, the E-1 Digital Control Surface and associated Wheatnet IP-88cb Audio Console Blade provide the networked control, mixing and I/O needed for small to mid-sized studios.

The E-1 features an integrated LCD Monitor and touchpad for metering and control, 12 input channels, four main mix busses, per-channel A-B Source/Select switches that can access system-wide network sources, MXM outputs (with talkback) for each input channel, and control room and studio monitor outputs, also with network source access.

The E-1 can store 99 instant recall show presets. It integrates with both Wheatnet IP and TDM audio networks.

Shown in the booth, from left, standing: Brad Harrison, Phil Owens, Jay Tyler and Steve Dove; kneeling are Kelly Parker and Darrin Paley.

Price: $12,000
Shipping: Now
Info: Jay Tyler, (252) 638-7000, [email protected],