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Axel Develops New Processor Family

Falcon 3i is first out of the nest

Broadcast equipment manufacturer Axel Technology will bring a new FM audio processors family to the NAB Show.

Axel says that the Falcon 3i (shown) is going to change the idea of entry-level FM digital audio processors. Based on a dedicated DSP technology with a four-band architecture for the audio processing, Falcon 3i has a dual-band AGC, a speech detector, a three-band equalizer for low-middle-high frequencies and a brilliance control. Besides processing, it offers a stereo generator and an RDS encoder. It’s priced starting from $1,950.

Falcon 3i can be controlled remotely via Windows-based client software and receive commands by Ethernet TCP/IP, USB, RS-232 port and four GPI/Os.

The internal RDS encoder provides two data sets, each with a range of services including static programmable PS 60 messages, 16 RadioText messages, Alternative Frequency (AF), the Traffic Program (TP)/Traffic Announcement (TA) and functions such as EON, M/S, DI, CT, PI, PTY and PIN.

An internal stereo generator guarantees the accurate modulation levels, in respect of the deviation limits acknowledged by worldwide standards. Falcon 3i makes every sound unique and artifact-free, Axel says.

Also in the offing are five-band models: Falcon VS and Falcon XT.

These models include audio fault input changeover, MPX ITU-R BS.412 control, stereo enhancer, lookahead limiter, overdrive power control, final main/low band limiters, super-bass control and harmonizer.

NAB Show Booth: C1317