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Axia Focuses on IP-Audio interfaces

New feature includes function turning its xNodes IP-Audio interfaces into matrix mixers

At IBC2016, Axia featured a new upgrade to its signature xNode IP-Audio interface. Available via the latest xNode V2.0 software, the update transforms any Axia AES/EBU, analog, mixed-signal, or microphone xNode into a matrix mixer, explains the company.

The xNode Matrix Mixer allows operators to mix inputs like mics or playback devices with digital input sources into a single output. The feature can bypass the studio console and sends on-air mixes straight to the transmitter.

Axia says the upgrade makes the xNode more than just an AoIP I/O box for broadcasters; it’s a “gateway device” with the capability to create the mix they need by combining both physical and digital network inputs into the Matrix Mixer.

“We have expanded the meaning of ‘inputs’ and ‘outputs’ — beyond the traditional sense,” says Matrix Mixer project manager, Milos Nemcik.

“The Matrix Mixer is so flexible that it’s difficult to list all the different possibilities. I think broadcasters will invent utility out of this tool.”