Axia Goes Soft

Virtual console software to drive the Elements
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Axia Audio, part of the Telos Systems group, is releasing SoftSurface, a software console for the Windows platform.

SoftSurface is designed to work with Axia’s Element control surface.

The Windows XP/Vista/7-compatible software will allow users to control Element consoles via Ethernet/Axia Livewire. If a SoftSurface computer is attached to an Axia StudioEngine system controller/processor it can act as a soft control surface by itself.

Axia Marketing Manager Clark Novak said it was developed in response to clients’ requests for remote control of their mixers. “SoftSurface gives them that power, and goes one better: team it with an Axia DSP mixing engine and you have a completely ‘soft’ console — no physical mixer required.”

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Axia Enhances PathfinderPC

The version 4.0 upgrade of Axia PathfinderPC routing control software for IP-Audio networks allows for the construction of custom audio routing applications able to switch routes automatically at specified times in response to preprogrammed events or by manual command.