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Axia Introduces Intercom

IP-Intercom uses Livewire Network

Axia Audio is launching an intercom system designed to work within the Axia Livewire environment.

Called IP-Intercom, the system debuts with several rackmountable components for creating 10- and 20-station intercom networks (and beyond, with an expansion module). Also debuting are station modules designed for installation within Axia Element 2.0 consoles.

The system uses an Advanced Echo Cancellation algorithm developed by the Fraunhofer Labs. Each rackmounted input component offers a microphone and speaker while the Element 2.0 console-based input devices use the Element’s operator mic for input and console speaker for output.

As part of the Livewire network, interfacing is obtained by Cat-5 cabling. The Axia Audio IP-Intercom system can also work independently of a Livewire network, as a straight-forward Ethernet-based intercom system.

Axia President Michael “Catfish” Dosch said, “Intercoms are a natural fit with IP audio networks.”

NAB Booth: C146