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Axia Launches Matrix Mixer

Software upgrade brings new feature to xNodes

As part of software whole number upgrade to the Axia xNode line of networkable audio over IP equipment, xNode v.2.0 will debut the Matrix Mixer.

The Matrix Mixer allows users to combine/mix audio sources on the AoIP network within the network rather than needing to route them a traditional mixer for mixing and then reentering them into the network.

The feature was requested by customer according to Telos Alliance VP of Sales, Support, & Marketing Marty Sacks, “The Matrix Mixer feature is something that our customers have told us will make Axia AoIP systems even more flexible than they are now.”

He explained, “By combining physical inputs such as microphone, analog, or AES inputs, with digital network inputs like network streams, you can mix as much as you wish and send it all to a single output in a 1RU device — and all fully AES67-compliant.”

A release added additional examples of prospective uses: “For example, three Axia Livewire streams can be converted into a different one, like an AES67 stream. Or if you have four AES3 physical inputs converted into four AoIP streams, you can then make a sum of those four into a fifth AoIP stream”

The xNode v.2.0 software can be downloaded here.