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Barix Adds to Exstreamer Line

Point playout device has onboard amplifier

IP audio distribution specialist Barix has added to its Exstreamer family.

The 205 is aimed at retailers and other businesses looking for audio feeds, though it could easily suit a radio station’s needs for simply distributing audio throughout its facilities (e.g., equipment rooms, lobby, lounge) or provide quick on-site audio for a transmitter site.

The Exstreamer 205, like its siblings, is an IP audio playout device. What separates it is an onboard two-channel Class D digital amp outputting 25 W per channel. This relieves the 205 from needing an amplifier or powered speakers to provide end-user audio.

A stereo line-in also allows for local signal input. A micro SD card slot provides prerecorded messaging input. Ducking controls offer emergency announcement options. The 205 will handle MP3, aacPLUS v2, WMA, PCM, G.711 and EtherSound audio. It can be remote-controlled via the Web or a local network.