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Barix Exhibits Dedicated Radio Product

Radiobox Pro supports uncompressed digital audio.
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After a couple of years of selling installation market products into the radio market, Barix has introduced a dedicated radio product, the Radiobox Pro.

The Radiobox Pro combines Barix's two most popular products, Instreamer encoders and Exstreamer decoders, into one box. Applications include STL, networking and emergency playout (using an onboard CompactFlash card reader).

Founder and CEO Johannes G. Rietschel said: "Radiobox Pro is a specialized audio transport platform for radio broadcasters, incorporating smart, reliable IP technology from Barix into a single box that is uniquely configured to cope with the challenges of transporting analog and digital audio."

He added: "Its support of uncompressed digital audio is especially vital in today's radio broadcast climate, enabling stations to transport digital audio over cost-effective IP links without any degradation in quality."

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Barix Enables Real-Time Audio Over IP

This device is an intelligent network-based audio decoder that pulls digital audio (via that Cat-5 cable coming out of the Instreamer) from an IP network and converts it to analog audio — the box usefully proffering familiar stereo RCA female jacks and S/PDIF coax and optical digital connectors onboard the box.