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Barix Offers IP Network Controller

Barionet 50 seeks to centralize control of IP devices

Swiss company Barix AG, long active in pushing use of IP devices, first in intercom networks and later in broadcast audio transport devices, has added the Barionet 50. It hopes to push the IP device into mainstream industry and consumer usage further.

The Barionet 50 is designed to be an IP controller, a hub for all IP devices in a network to communicate and be controlled. An IP coffee maker? IP water meter? IP security camera? IP lighting controllers? All can be routed to, monitored and controlled via the Barionet 50.

For radio broadcasters a Barionet 50 might monitor the local machine room’s equipment, front-door camera at night, outside weather monitors and the equipment at the remote transmitter site — lights, security camera, transmitter, power, backup generator — all in one application.

Barix offers a free programming app for creating applications for the Barionet 50.