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Barix on the Box

Manufacturer becomes a programmer, launches online station

IP audio equipment maker Barix has launched its own Internet radio station.

The Swiss-based company has partnered with DMD2, a Swiss-based content provider to fill the station with a stream of songs (and no commercials). Internet streaming audio host StreamGuys hosts the feed.

In truth the “station” exists as an IP audio demo aimed at demonstrating to potential customers the reliability and quality of IP audio.

Barix CEO and founder Johannes Rietschel said: “We sell IP audio equipment to broadcasters and for content distribution globally, praising the advantages of the technology. It’s only natural that we have our own radio station.”

As for programming the station, Rietschel said, “We realize it’s impossible to program a mix that suits the musical tastes of every listener, so we tried to capture the ‘Barix’ taste and provide a unique station that can be used both for entertainment and business purposes.”

Barix Exstreamer IP decoders are being programmed to connect to the station immediately upon IP connection as a proof of operation.