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Barix Upgrades Exstreamer 500

New products on display as well

IP network device manufacturer Barix has announced an upgrade to its Exstreamer 500 bidirectional IP audio device. According to the company a new chip improves A/D conversion. The Exstreamer 500 alos supports both variable and constant bitrate streaming.

New products from Barix includes the Annuncicom 60, an IP audio gateway device that supports MP3 music as well as voice codecs (e.g. G.711, µLaw, A-Law) and a large number of server protocols (including Shoutcast and SIP). Barix says that the device can be used for background music as well as VoIP applications but its two-way functionality makes it useful for monitoring on-air audio.

Barix also has its new Real-Time Clock. This self-sustaining reference clock plugs into any device with an RS-232 serial port, including but not limited to Barix IP audio and control products. The Barix Real-Time Clock (RTC) maintains time independent of a network-based time reference and provides that time information immediately after a device startup. Even when disconnected it maintains time independently.

NAB Show Booth: C144