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BBG Relays the News

New mobile “live-blogging platform” developed

The Broadcasting Board of Governors’ Office of Digital and Design Innovation has developed Relay, what it calls a “mobile live-blogging platform.”

According to a release, “Relay offers journalists a sleek and easy way to collect and distribute text and multimedia content using their mobile phones and tablets.” It adds that readers can then “swipe through a timeline for the latest news updates, videos and photos, and can also subscribe to mobile alerts from Relay to follow the news as it unfolds.”

It is supposed to be compatible with smartphones and tablets.

VOA Indonesian’s New Media Manager Ade Astuti said, “With Relay, we’re able to instantly send text, video and photo updates, which can then tie into our social media sites like Twitter and YouTube.”

The release said that relay was being used in the field, notably with users from the Khmer and Indonesian services. Relay is free to other government agencies and other media organizations, according to a release.