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BE Buddies With Social Networks

New software applications add ‘crowdsourcing’ and ‘Twitter Tagging’

Broadcast Electronics has beefed up its software lineup.

BE’s The Radio Experience (TRE) datacasting platform offers a “Twitter Tagging” feature. The idea is to make song-tagging available to all platforms; whereas previously it was limited to HD Radio receivers and Apple products. Now song-tagging can be done on most smartphones, so long as a Twitter account has been set up. Using Twitter’s “favorites” feature, a song can be marked and TRE’s data management skills will do the rest by establishing a unique URL link for the song, linking the phone to it and reconciling that with the iTunes store’s catalog.

Another new goodie from BE is CrowdControl, a “crowdsourcing” application.

Crowdsourcing is aimed at letting listeners choose or influence content or song selection. The path of influence is performed via social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

BE Senior Product Manager for Studio Systems Jim Roberts said: “CrowdControl redefines the listener experience by giving radio stations a suite of tools that add a whole new level of interactivity between talent and listeners.”