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BE Is Excited About Booster Sites

FXi 60/250esp exciter incorporates GPS receiver to lock frequencies.

(click thumbnail)Broadcast Electronics says its FXi 60/250esp digital exciter has RF and audio synchronous features to overcome technical challenges that have prohibited FMs from establishing booster sites in the past.

This is of particular interest to broadcasters seeking to provide continuous program coverage in new population corridors and fill-in areas underserved by a main FM signal, according to the company. BE says noise in the “overlap” zone where main and booster signals of equal strength essentially interfere with one another can be a deal-breaker.

BE’s FXi 60/250esp includes an internal GPS receiver for locking carriers and pilot frequencies in reference to GPS 10 MHz and 1 PPS, plus internal dynamic audio and modulation synchronization for reducing distortion artifacts in interference zones.

“RF sites that were marginal before because of these issues now become viable options” as a result, said Debra Huttenburg, vice president of business development and marketing.

The GPS receiver and audio delay eliminate the need for external equivalents, which BE says saves more than $5,000 per site. Also, the audio phase alignment, dynamically adjustable in 1 usec resolution, provides reception continuity.

Absolute pilot and phase alignment reduce noise associated with the receiver “switching” between pilot frequencies. The system provides accurate modulation level calibration with input level adjustment to 0.1 dB for a low noise floor

BE says it provides up to 250 W transmission, in one unit or as an addition to a higher-power transmitter.

Features include instrument-grade spectrum analyzer, adaptive pre-correction, dual RF outputs, Ethernet connectivity and IP control. “The new exciter significantly reduces noise and, in some cases, the footprint of zones where signals overlap,” BE states.

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