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Best of Show: BW Broadcast RBRX Encore

RBRX is the latest incarnation of BW Broadcast's rebroadcast receiver

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Part of BW Broadcast’s Encore line of products, the RBRX is the latest incarnation of the company’s rebroadcast receiver. Built on the foundation of the RBRX1, the dual-tuner RBRX Encore uses Sony NXP dynamic digital filtering noise reduction technology to deliver top-of-the-line analog FM stereo separation, the company says.

Onboard are BW Broadcast DSPX limiting, an RDS encoder and decoder, stereo generator, IP audio streamer and a back-up audio function that uses internal memory or USB drives.

Options for AM, HD Radio, DAB/DAB+ reception make the RBRX Encore suitable for use as a rebroadcast receiver.

Shown from left to right: Neal Helly, Ricardo da Silva, Katie Murphy, Rob Kidd and Paul McLane.