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Best of Show: DB Elettronica PFG 6 kW Mozart

DB Elettronica designs modular transmitters to ensure redundancy

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Keeping elements separate is DB Elettronica’s strategy for the PFG 6 kW Mozart Series, a line of modular transmitters.

The company says its design keeps the exciter separate from the amplifiers to ensure a level of redundancy usually only seen in high-power systems, while maintaining the lower price of integrated units. The design provides a cleaner signal thanks to that separation and allows for swapping out of failing elements without removing the whole package.

According to DB Elettronica the transmitters offer a total efficiency of up to 75 percent. The PFG 6 kW Mozart is made of aluminum and the electronic boards are tropicalized with a special resin to protect the circuits against air corrosion in seaside and other harsh facilities.

Shown from left to right: Josue Rodriguez, Beatrice Martin, Paul McLane, Didier Muragwabugabo, Elena Ditadi, Marco Giovannini, Andrea Valtulina, and Markos Kozelinski.