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Best of Show: Inovonics AARON

A new offering for the evolving translator/rebroadcast market

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The translator/rebroadcast market is evolving. Aaron from Inovonics is a new FM receiver for that sector.

The company touts sensitivity and selectivity performance as superior to those of elite professional and consumer receivers. Aaron also features an FM band scanner, spectrum analyzer and failover audio options via SD card or Web stream.

Aaron operates in either a composite pass-through or composite-regeneration mode. Composite pass-through eliminates retransmission delay (latency), and composite-regeneration lends the ability to reconstruct your baseband signal, including altering RDS messaging prior to rebroadcast. Self-logging alarms constantly check for audio loss, RF loss, and RDS loss or hijacking.

Onboard processing allows for bandwidth, stereo blend and HF blending. Aaron can be operated via the front panel, PC, tablet or smartphone.

Shown: Lukas Hurwitz, Ben Barber, Jim Wood and Josh McAtee (rear) join RW’s Paul McLane.


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